The DIYer Gift Guide

Any established DIYer will have their standard toolbox already filled and set to go. Even beginners will have their circular saw, level, tape measure, and an array of hammers ready at a moment’s notice. Great for them, and for whatever project they decide to take on next, but bad for the gift giver looking to help feed into that love for DIY projects. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few suggestions as to what you can add to the toolbelt of your favorite DIYer, whatever the occasion.

Cat’s Paw

A relatively cheap buy that comes with much more utility than you’d expect for the price, a Cat’s Paw is a nail puller on one side, with a crowbar on the other. Great for any light demolition work as well as more gentle work where you need to carefully pry, like prying trim and/or molding away from a wall. If you have a stubborn nail that won’t come out, line up the prongs around the nail head and tap the opposite side with a hammer to sink it in, then pry it up and out.

Voltage Tester

A common must have for mechanics, voltage detectors have plenty of uses for anyone focusing on home projects as well.

Sometimes you just need to know if there is a current or not. A simple voltage tester that glows or beeps when it detects an electric current can do just that. This is a great safety tool to use on open-ended or broken wires to know if it is safe to work with them. If you are replacing a switch or outlet, there’s no need to run back and forth to double check that you flipped the breaker. Additionally, while using a small appliance to check for a current may work in a pinch, it’s not 100 percent reliable, and for that, not 100 percent safe. A voltage tester will have a prong that fits into the receptacle so you can be certain.

Tool Holder

Too often overlooked for the tools themselves, a tool holder can make work safer and more efficient.

There’s no reason to beat your pockets into submission with screwdrivers, carpenter’s pencils, or tape measures, when you can fit them all into a tool belt with designated space for all of the above. This goes for both full tool belts and smaller clip ons.

Stud Finder

Whether you’re hanging a picture, adding shelving to a wall, or knocking down a wall and need to know where to avoid hitting, you need a stud finder. It’s one of those tools that everything else depends on for a project to work out.

Something for the Beginners

If you or who you’re buying for are just starting to dive into the DIY world then a few toolkits would get things started off with a kick.

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