Seattle Siding – 5 things you should expect from you siding contractor

If you aren’t a mover and you plan to spend many years in the same home in Seattle chances are you will end up repairing or replacing your siding.  There’s always a lot to consider when taking on a larger project like siding replacement.  Should you look into window replacement?  How’s the roof holding up?  Is there an opportunity to make the home more energy efficient?  I’ve addressed those questions in other posts so here  I will speak to:

Seattle Siding – 5 things you should expect from your siding contractor

  1. Professionalism – The contractor shows up to you initial appointment when scheduled or calls to let you know he’ll be late.  The siding Seattle Sidingcontractor listens to your requests and accurately reflects those requests in his siding proposal.  The Seattle siding contractor offers tips to help make your project more affordable, durable and attractive.
  2. Craftsmanship– All the work done should be free of defects.  Material should be inspected for defects before installed.  Beyond the aesthetic details the waterproofing details need to meticulously carried out.
  3. Knowledgeable –  Your siding contractor should be able to explain the pros and cons of different siding material choices and systems and relate the cost implications of those choices.
  4. Communication – The Seattle siding contractor needs to be a good communicator from supplying a detailed understandable proposal to explaining the process of your project.  Good communication between you and your Seattle siding contractor will make or brake your experience.
  5. Courtesy – The siding contractor’s crews should be courteous and helpful.  The site should be picked up and left clean daily with a detailed clean at the end of the job.  There’s nothing wore than having to pick up after a messy contractor.

These are just some of the tenants that Synapse Construction adheres to on every Seattle siding project.  Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations.

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