What is a Design and Build Company?

When you think of a construction project, you likely think of a traditional project delivery method where the owner must coordinate with two different contractors: a designer and building contractor. If circumstances change or something goes wrong, the contractor and designer will be quick to …

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Welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt

Hello, and welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt! My name is Kyle Keever and I’m the founder of Synapse Construction. We’ve had a great time getting to work hands on over the last several years with some of the most fun and exciting homeowners around. While …

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Siding in Seattle? It Pays to be Ready

Don’t “fire, ready, aim” your siding in Seattle. It seems like lately we’ve had a rash of instances where we’ve been hired to install siding in Seattle and things just haven’t gone as efficiently as they could.  As a Seattle siding contractor my customers depend on me to guide …

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The Ultimate Camping Tool Guide

Summer is in full swing, and that means you still have time to get in a few outdoor adventures before the weather cools down. For many families across the country, that means packing up the car (or RV), and hitting the open road. From beach …

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Top Five Eco-Friendly Siding Materials

Choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly options during your remodel project is not always the easiest task. When it comes to siding materials, you need to consider how durable the material is, where it’s sourced, if it can be recycled, if it will effectively insulate …

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(A Few More) Tools To Look For In 2017

If you liked our last post about up-and-coming tools of 2017, here are a few more to look into. As you’re doing those New Year around the house repairs, consider a few more options to add to your at-home tool kit this year: So your …

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The Modern Way to Plan a Successful [Exterior] Building Project

New construction projects can create so much excitement, especially if you’re designing or remodeling your home’s exterior. Sometimes, it creates too much excitement, though, causing many people to jump right in without proper planning. For many, planning an exterior construction project can feel equally (if …

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The Keys to a Successful Design-Build Construction Project

Although we have been reliant on it for decades, the traditional construction method can often be inefficient and costly. This approach remained relatively unchanged in the construction industry until improvements in technology, equipment and processes came into play in recent years. Now the industry has …

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