The Complete Guide to Exterior Home Design

The exterior of your home should reflect you and the things you care about. That is most often accomplished through unique design (which also improves curb appeal). But it should equally have protection and longevity. And both of these considerations involve a common denominator — …

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Open-Joint Siding

With the right underlayment, this rainscreen variant provides waterproofing, drainage, and a striking appearance Open-Joint Siding In the Seattle area, where I work, we get a lot of rain. From the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, there were many high-profile cases of water damage caused by …

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The Quick Guide to Cleaning House Siding

Siding is versatile, durable and resilient, but like other aspects of home improvement and maintenance, it requires a bit of routine cleaning and care. Because siding is an outdoor product, it can accumulate dirt and stains due to several factors — from bird droppings and …

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Storage Solutions for the Tool-A-Holic

Avid craftspeople tend to accumulate tools. While some people may be lucky enough to have a large workspace with expansive storage, many people have to consolidate their tools into smaller spaces. Whether you’re looking for some small scale storage solutions for your home, or are …

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Silica Safety From Our Safety Supervisor Nevin LaBo

Here at Synapse Construction, we follow OSHA’s Table 1 rules for silica exposure. We have a silica exposure plan for any job where silica particles will be present. We value safety, and one of our main goals is to protect not only our Synapse family, but the civilians …

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Siding and Windows in Reverse

I’ve been blown away lately by the lack of knowledge some of Seattle Siding’s potential customers have shown in the way they treat their exterior building projects All projects have a natural progression that allows them to flow efficiently When that progression is reversed or jumbled things …

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Siding and Window Replacement = ROI in Seattle

Remodeling magazine has come out with it’s 2013 cost vs. value list for home improvement projects. Siding and window replacement are high on the list for return on investment. The resale return on investment for siding replacement and window replacement is one thing and the energy savings adds more monetary benefit.  Many people don’t realize …

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Shou Sugi Ban Wood Siding

Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese wood siding known as Yakisugi in its native country, is becoming a popular Seattle siding choice for high-end homes. What Is Shou Sugi Ban? Shou Sugi Ban is a natural, nontoxic way to preserve wood, traditionally using wood milled …

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