Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Windows play a crucial role in the overall comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your home. In Washington state, where the climate can range from damp and rainy to cold and windy, having properly functioning windows is essential. Over time, however, windows can deteriorate …

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Wood Window Replacement Demonstration Video

We’ve put together a video showing how to install a wood replacement window The video was shot while working on a siding and window replacement project in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle This video looks at the removal and replacement of an old double hung wood window (circa 1915) with …

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What’s Under Your Seattle Siding?

If you were to just put Seattle siding up on your exterior sheeting alone your building would not be protected The weatherproof barrier (wrb) is an especially important component to Seattle siding in the wet Northwest. Seattle siding has gore-tex for your house. There are many types …

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Welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt

Hello, and welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt! My name is Kyle Keever and I’m the founder of Synapse Construction. We’ve had a great time getting to work hands on over the last several years with some of the most fun and exciting homeowners around. While …

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The Quick Guide to Cleaning House Siding

Siding is versatile, durable and resilient, but like other aspects of home improvement and maintenance, it requires a bit of routine cleaning and care. Because siding is an outdoor product, it can accumulate dirt and stains due to several factors — from bird droppings and …

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Silica Safety From Our Safety Supervisor Nevin LaBo

Here at Synapse Construction, we follow OSHA’s Table 1 rules for silica exposure. We have a silica exposure plan for any job where silica particles will be present. We value safety, and one of our main goals is to protect not only our Synapse family, but the civilians …

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Seattle siding – fiber cement panel siding

We have recently completed a Seattle siding and window installation project using James Hardie “Color-plus” panels for a customer on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.  I am happy to report that the siding panels came to us in good condition and were for the most part free of defects.  The siding …

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